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Bobcat on a Limb Mount

Student Kevin Norman from Utah mounted this nice life size Bobcat



The above video explains how to choose poses, turns and custom display options for Whitetail Deer.
Click the icons in the screen to play and enlarge the video screen. Enjoy!


Starting a Career in Taxidermy

Many taxidermy schools offer a very limited Taxidermy Education, teaching you how to mount a deer head, or a pheasant, while a few others offer a “full course” curriculum covering shoulder mounts, life size mounts, birds, fish, and rugs.  These full course schools are generally four to eight weeks in length and are geared towards providing a comprehensive taxidermy education for those individuals who are interested in making taxidermy a full time career.

The more specimens that you mount in school, the more you will retain what you have learned, so pick a school that gives you the opportunity to mount two of everything.  That repetition is important and also means that you will leave school with a greater number of mounts to display in your new business.  Some schools don’t allow their students to keep the mounts they do in school, so choose wisely.

One of the better full course curriculum schools in the United States is the Second Nature School of Taxidermy in Bonner, Montana.  Second Nature has a good track record and has trained some of the country’s leading taxidermists in their 20+ year history as a taxidermy school.  Their four week taxidermy education course was designed and has been proved to teach you what you need to know to start your own business as a taxidermist.  Getting the right start in the taxidermy business is as easy as choosing the right school.

Remember that all schools are not created equal, so when researching taxidermy schools, as for past student references if there are none listed on their website.  Ask for a CD of student photos that show the quality of work that their students are producing.  A good full course curriculum taxidermy school will also offer some basic training in business and marketing in addition to their taxidermy instruction.  Whichever route you decide to take to learn more about taxidermy, a little research will help you make the right choice.

Job Placement:

Since our courses are geared for students who plan to open their own businesses, our graduates do not often need job placement services. However, we periodically receive calls from taxidermists looking for new employees. We keep a current file of these openings and pass them on to interested students.


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